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Timbers & Finishes


Our Timbers

Origin: North America and Europe

Oak is a lightly coloured hardwood available in red or white. The wood’s intrinsic grain markings keep it appealing, with qualities of robust strength and resistance that prominently trace back to the historical ventures of sailing ships; a sought after choice for Galleon builders in the 1600s right through to the 1800s.

Origin: Africa and the Americas

Mahogany is a dark, rich, hardwood that is often praised for its aesthetic appeal. The reddish-brown palette enriches the design with class and antiquity. A refined choice for midnight cigar bars and burly blushed living spaces.

Beech Wood
Origin: Europe

Beech wood is a lightly coloured European wood with a pale or pinkish hue. With its freshly knotted grain, its easy flow and longevity, beech wood can be machined and assembled into tailored pieces that boast holiday home sophistication and taste. The timber is odourless and non-toxic with a durable solid density, making it a popular selection for lifestyle, luxury and culinary spaces.

Origin: North America and Canada

Maple wood is a creamy, consistent wood with a tinted grain that makes a signature statement when capturing the light. Its warm shading coupled with its hard and stable resilience, grooms it for high-end cabinetry, flooring and kitchen spaces. Maple is an uncomplicated, versatile wood that fits in with any finish and can be stained to appear opaque.

Origin: North America and Europe

Walnut is a classic, flame-grained hardwood that speaks in rich Autumn tones. The timber is a sturdy and timeless choice, with an inherent natural grain already set within. Walnut is often used for pieces requiring a higher distinguished quality. Traditional and tasteful designs will highlight its royal opulence, feeding into the stories of decadent boat interiors, artistic sculptures and antique furniture.

Cherry wood
Origin: North America

Cherry wood is insatiably a stellar selection. Its keen ability to oxidise with light over time, allows it to shift in colour, adding to the indelible character of the piece without compromising quality. Its colouring ranges from soft reds to vibrant crimson and the occasional pale streaks. Its vintage demeanor gives way to a more exclusive and statement-worthy piece, with high brows and gallery-esque appeal. Cherry wood unveils its charm as a lyrical piece that finds its chapters amongst hand crafted musical instruments like the harp and guitar.

Origin: North America and Europe

Ash is a versatile blonde wood with delicately tinted grains, best suited for curving components, and steam bending. Known for its reliable strength, hardness and elasticity, Ash creates beautifully durable furniture. Ash is often the gentlemen’s choice: hushed with an indulgent whisper of panache that piques in billiard rooms, yachts and ballroom flooring.

African Popular
Origin: Africa

Cottonwood is a uniquely coloured timber that boasts its share of peaches and cream tones.  This wavy-grained, textured wood adds a clean, fresh look to a space, and is noted for its affordable quality.  When treated correctly, Cottonwood remains steadfast and is graciously forgiving of unexpected dents and impacts, without depleting the overall elegance of the showpiece. It can be brushed and aged to have a drift wood appeal.

Looking for something unique?
We also source Exotic Timbers

At Da Marco, we offer the option of exclusively sourced timber from around the world.Our selected imports are unique, rare finds and, when available, sourced directly from sustainable forestry loggers and registered timber merchants. These timbers  include (but are not limited to) Purple Heart, Panga Panga, Ebony, Japanese Elm, Kiaat, Balau , Cedar, Wild Olive, Afrormosia, Rosewood, Jacaranda and Zebrano solid woods. Our exotic specialised pieces are unique works of art that are crafted to exude affluence.


The Finishes

Satin / High Gloss

Through an intense process, these finishes create a clean-cut and polished piece. There is a return trend to Matte or Satin (easy on the eye and soft to the touch) to the high-gloss appeal is achieved through multiple coats of lacquer that, once cured, can be water papered and buffed, creating a durable shine that turns any specialist piece into a work of art. Suitable for any space or environment.

Duco Paint Finish

Twice primed and prepared, a Duco paint finish coats the wood and boards with a layer of satin or high-gloss paint, giving your piece a luxurious and exclusive finished look. This finish offers a contemporary craft; available in a wide palette of rich colours – from automotive metallic base coats, pastels to bright or neutral finishes.


Adorned for its authentic nature, the raw finish creates an organically ‘edgy’, high-quality piece that doubles as a talking-point in any aesthetic space. Each raw piece is designed with the origin of the timber in mind, keeping to its near natural state, the beauty of its irregularities and without post treatments. Here, the timber itself becomes the shining star of the story; with smooth auxiliary edges to boost quality and a refined grit, resulting in an exclusive, unique piece.

Stained Natural

A classic choice, with a refined top note – this stained natural finish creates an opulent, traditionally bespoke showpiece that retains its beauty of wood appeal. With a clear topcoat of satin/gloss finish, the intricate details of the wood are subtly highlighted, keeping the grains and flames intact.

Water base

A consciously contemporary choice: the water base finish provides a non-toxic solution for specialist pieces, without compromising quality. This new-age finish is rapidly increasing in popularity for those that opt for environmentally safe art pieces while keeping in line with aesthetically exquisite spaces. A water base Da Marco finish is a cost-effective selection that considers the safety of infants and pets, it is available in a wide array of colour palettes.


The classic finish is the most popular option we provide. It offers a refined glossy finish that ensures durability, longevity and aesthetic appeal. It is applicable to all specialist pieces and comes in an array of selections. There’s a reason it’s called a classic.

Tinted Oil Finish
(natural wood)

This elegant finish offers a refined touch to natural wood. The subtle luster of the tint allows the natural grain of the wood to stand out whilst looking rejuvenated with a semi-gloss. Our natural range of tints is easy to maintain and boosts the longevity of your specialist piece.

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