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Our Story

The knots. The grain. The creation of something beautiful. The scent of natural wood, oil upon oak, the flame in mahogany, the birds-eye in maple, the stripes in Zebrano, the blonde curves in ash. Craft, touch and tradition. It all begins here. A piece of handcrafted furniture that tells its own story in your space. The story of textures. The story of art. The story of wood.


Timbers & Finishes

As a contemporary traditionalist workshop, Da Marco uses a conscious combination of pressed, forest- friendly Veneers and solid timbers to create the best possible wood solution for all furniture pieces. Wood is sourced exclusively according to spec, keeping the balance between elegance and environment at the forefront of the craft. Da Marco endeavours to provide competitively priced pieces, without compromising originality, quality, workmanship and the primary client objective.

Bedroom Suite
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Dining Table
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Wine Storage
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